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Wildwood is such a beautiful book.


Favorite characters (4/10): Cersei Lannister [x]

Cersei is as gentle as King Maegor, as selfless as Aegon the Unworthy, as wise as Mad Aerys. She never forgets a slight, real or imagined. She takes caution for cowardice and dissent for defiance. And she is greedy. Greedy for power, for honour, for love - Tyrion VI (A Dance with Dragons)

Spring 2014 book haul!
·Interview with the vampire by Anne Rice
·The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
·Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

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I don’t even know what would be of me if I weren’t able to read.


Will and Tessa


All was well.

Harry Potter — J.K Rowling


Now we see a bookworms natural habitat. Be careful! You don’t want to wake up the bookworm, for her endless ranting and non-controllable fountain of feels have the power to annoy 📚 (at Starbucks - Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu)