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House Cup Network Challenge: New Beginnings

In which Harry receives his hogwarts acceptance letter and gets sorted into Gryffindor   


nephilim challenge → ten characters: jace herondale [1/10]

Jace leaned forward, his palms flat on the ground. “I’m a warrior,” he said. “I was brought up as a warrior. I didn’t have toys, I had weapons. I slept with a wooden sword until I was five. My first books were medieval demonologies with illuminated pages. The first songs I learned were chants to banish demons. I know what brings me peace, and it isn’t sandy beaches or chirping birds in rainforests. I want a weapon in my hand and a strategy to win.”

hogwarts + places

SLYTHERIN APPRECIATION WEEK → day four » favourite slytherin trait
↳ Fraternity


this made me laugh so hard